About Me

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My name is Courtland Kendrick and I am an accountant.  I have an undergraduate and graduate degree in accounting from The University of Georgia.  I am also a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

I have had a wide exposure to companies that range from Fortune 500 to start-up. No matter where I’ve been, I’ve produced topnotch work because I’m dedicated to ensuring that my work helps companies achieve their goals. Whether it’s setting up the audit engagement plan, testing controls, or performing audit test-work, I work to excel in what I do.

Reason for the Blog

Accounting is known as the “language of business.”  This is because accounting is a process of interpreting a company’s finances and operations.  Accounting provides extremely important data to management and investors for use in their decision-making processes.  Ultimately, accounting is important because it is the backbone of progress for a business.

In recent time, the world of accounting has been brought into focus in light of the some of the most damaging accounting scandals of all time.  The accounting fraud committed by companies, such as Enron and Lehman Brothers, and in some instances their external auditors, such as Arthur Andersen, have earned a place among the defining themes of the last decade and a half.  Accounting, for better or worse, is no longer considered a stale topic in Washington.  People around the world now understand that accounting is like a watch dog over a sleeping giant that has the potential to cause economic collapse.

As government regulations increase in the United States and abroad, accountants need to stay abreast of the topics pertaining to accounting regulations.  My hope with this blog is to create and invite discussion and opinions regarding some of the current accounting topics and the impact they could potentially have on businesses and individuals in the world.



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